Release Notes Workspace

2017-07-07 [development]



When the CWP-to-CWP API settings (in the PortalSettings tab) are empty for a ClientPortal, the "CWP-to-CWP API" settings of its ResellerPortal are used instead. No issue nr.

Additional information for rdp/html5 sessions is now also retrieved via the CWP-to-CWP API (username, domainname and in certain cases info from the RD-Proxy). No issue nr.

Bugfix: the ActiveDirectorySettings tab in UserSettings would not load if the Username field contained a backslash. No issue nr.

Bugfix: added extra checks to prevent errors when loading/reading xml data (e.g.: when creating the first portal via ManageCwpPortals). No issue nr.

Bugfix: when there is an error saving the user xml, user's should not see an error with the xml's filepath anymore. No issue nr.

Bugfix: added retries in case of errors when saving the user xml. No issue nr.

Bugfix: in some very specific situations, some settings (InactivityTimeout and TileClickTimeout) could be loaded incorrectly, this has now been corrected. No issue nr.

Bugfix: in some cases the "Splashscreen Image" would only partially cover the screen area. The css of the "Splashscreen Image" has now been made consistent with that of the "Login Page Background Image" and the "Startmenu Background Image". No issue nr.

2017-06-30 [development]



Added the CWP-to-CWP API. For now, only CPB info can be requested from this API. API Host config can be set in the new "CWP-to-CWP API" tab for the HostAdmin, API Client config can be set in the "PortalSettings" tab. No issue nr.
Added ResellerDefaultAzureClientID and ResellerDefaultAzureKey settings in PortalSettings (only available for ResellerPortals). If these default values are changed/updated, all the rows in ManageCwpPortals that use these values are also automatically updated. If these values are left empty, the Host's "DefaultAzureClientID" and "DefaultAzureKey" are used (if not empty). See issue #272 and issue #271

Added a ResellerTemplatePortalUrl setting in PortalSettings (only available for ResellerPortals). The dropdownlist options are: "No Template", the current ResellerPortal or one of its ClientPortals. If "No Template" is chosen, the Host's TemplatePortalUrl is used (if not empty). See issue #272

Changed the TemplatePortalUrl setting in HostSettings from a textbox to a dropdownlist, to match the ResellerTemplatePortalUrl setting in PortalSettings. The dropdownlist options are: "No Template" or any portal from the current CWP instance. See issue #272

Added buttons for clearing the DefaultAzureClientID and DefaultAzureKey (in HostSettings [for all portals] for HostAdmins and in PortalSettings for ResellerAdmins [for the ResellerPortal and its ClientPortals]) (not available for ClientPortals). This button shows a dialog to choose if only the defaults should be cleared or also the references in ManageCwpPortals (for the Reseller defaults there is also an option to replace the references in ManageCwpPortals with the default values from the HostSettings, if those are not empty). See issue #272 and issue #271

Added a button (in PortalSettings) to replace current references to HostDefaults (if not empty) for AzureClientID and AzureKey (in ManageCwpPortals for the current ResellerPortal and its ClientPortals) with the values of the ResellerDefaults (only available for ResellerPortals). See issue #272 and issue #271

The Rounded Tile Corners setting in PortalLayout now also includes rounded corners for the Appgroups for a more consistent layout. See issue #291

Added a setting for the background color of the "Add Personalized App" Sidebar (PortalLayout settings tab). If the Sidebar-BackgroundColor setting is saved empty, the StartMenu-BackgroundColor is used. If the StartMenu-BackgroundColor is also saved empty, the sidebar will be transparent. No issue nr.

The background image on the login screen will now fill the screen, but maintain its aspect ratio. No issue nr.
Bugfix: the "Choose AD Groups" button on settings tabs is not shown anymore for Azure admins, when they are not allowed to retrieve group names from Azure Graph. No issue nr.
Bugfix: the portal title was being loaded incorrectly in some situations. No issue nr.
Bugfix: when there are settings tabs that should not be shown in the settings menu, the settings tab borders are now also properly removed. No issue nr.
Bugfix: some confirmation dialogs in the settings tabs were using the html form element, this caused unintended redirects to "[domainname]/?#" when clicking on the confirm button (which was being treated as a submit button for the form), unless the user was already redirected to "[domainname]/?#" before. The form elements have now been replaced by div elements. No issue nr.

2017-06-16 [development]



Added an option to the "PortalLayout" settings to set a custom "Create Tile App" image. This image is used for the "Create Tile App" in the start menu and also for the "Create Tile Button" in "UserSettings >> My Personalized Apps". No issue nr.

Added options "AutoRefreshEnabled" and "AutoRefreshTime" for "Embedded Website Tiles". See issue #216

Added an image preview box to the selection dialogs for: logos, favicons, icons (apps & appgroups), file extension icons, user background images. See issue #199

Added an HTML5 color picker to the color selection dialogs. The HTML5 color picker section will only appear on supported browsers: if not supported, only the preset colors section is shown. No issue nr.

Added section headers to the "Personal Settings" (in "User Settings)" so that it's clearer what the settings are used for. See issue #253

Changed the title for the image selection dialog (User Settings >> Personal Settings >> Personal Background Image). See issue #239

Bugfix: one of the checkboxes in the "Office365 Search" dialog was not properly aligned. See issue #289

Bugfix: in some specific cases, the "Add Personalized App" sidebar would appear with all its fields hidden (only the title bar was visible). No issue nr.

2017-06-13 [development]



Added a "Copy Portal" button to ManageCwpPortals: this is only available for ResellerAdmins when they are logged in to their ResellerPortal. The ResellerPortal or one of its ClientPortals can be used as a template to create a new portal (some folders(logos)/settings(CWS) that could possibly contain client-specific items/names are not copied to the new portal). See issue #267

Added a new option to the "Manage CWP Portals" settings tab: "App Usage Logging" (everytime a user clicks/opens an app, it is logged to CWP's Azure database). This option is only visible for the HostAdmin and for ResellerAdmins that are logged in to a ResellerPortal. See issue #285

Logging to CWP's AzureDB: now each login is logged, not just 1 entry per user per month anymore. Disabled the additional check after each refresh, logging is now only triggered right after processing the login. See issue #285

Performance improvement for settings pages "Manage CWP Portals" and "AppDirectory". No issue nr.

Font-size correction for the time text on the login screen when the browser language is English. If not resized, the addition of "am" or "pm" to the time text would result in a horizontal scrollbar on the login screen. No issue nr.

Bugfix: some validations of the UPN (from the settings rows in Manage CWP Portals) were still case-sensitive. No issue nr.

2017-06-01 [development]



The title of the sidebar for adding personalized apps has been renamed to "Add Personalized App". No issue nr.

Added vertical scrolling to the "Add Personalized App" sidebar (when it doesn't fit completely on the screen). No issue nr.

The "ClientAdminGroup" and the "AdminGroup" settings can be used to specify an "AdminEmail" that should be able to login (via Azure), even if the email doesn't match any of the UPN's in ManageCwpPortals for that portal. No issue nr.

Added a setting to the Reseller API tab to make ip address filtering for the API optional. No issue nr.

Added settings (in Portal Layout) for changing the color and textsize of the LoginMessage. See issue #284

Added settings (in Portal Layout) for changing the color and opacity of the AppGroup Containers on the portal's start menu. See issue #267

When using a background image for the start menu, the background won't resize anymore when zooming. See issue #267

Added an additional check for resizing the start menu after closing an app. See issue #278

When the DefaultAzureClientID or DefaultAzureKey are updated (in Host Settings), these will also be automatically updated for all the portals that are using them (in Manage CWP Portals). See issue #271

2017-05-26 [development]



Added the Reseller API. No issue nr.

The "Create Tile" app in the "Personal Apps" appgroup can now be enabled/disabled from the PortalLayout settings. No issue nr.

Css from the default-style.css (HTML/custom/domaincss/) has been moved to the main style.css (HTML/custom/css/). The style.css for domain-specific modifications (HTML/custom/[domainname]/css) can now again be used for domain-specific css only. See issue #274

Added some top/bottom margin (10px total) for the logo on the login screen (to take into account that some logos don't have "transparent margins"). See issue #283

Increased the height of the Login Block: when using the password or passcode fields, the controls would appear partially outside the login block. No issue nr.

AdminGroup can now also be configured from the ManageCwpPortals settings tab: this allows PortalAdmins to access more settings tabs on a subportal. See issue #287

Manage CWP Portals: modified access levels (no issue nr.);
-- Host admin: all settings tabs.
-- Portal admin (on a parentPortal): all settings tabs (excluding host-only settings tabs). Manage CWP Portals tab shows own portal and own subPortals, can also create/delete subPortals.
-- Portal admin (on a childPortal): all settings tabs (excluding host-only settings tabs). Manage CWP Portals tab shows own portal, can't create subPortals.
-- Client admin: can only see PortalLayout, AppGroups, Apps.

2017-05-19 [development]



Added a single default column for every group not assigned yet to a column. See issue #281

Bugfix. Some image choice buttons did not close the image picker dialog. no issue nr.

Resize startmenu function is now triggered on any startmenu focus. See issue #278

Added personal tile picker to startmenu. The options are triggered with the plus at the end of the personal apps group. no issue nr.

2017-04-28 [development]



Added "Ignore popout if extension installed" check to app settings. (default true) If enabled and the extension is installed, then the app opens in a portal tab. no issue nr.

Added 20 pixel space between clock and login block. See issue #283

Fixed an issue that caused delays when loading the portal for certain Azure users. No issue nr.

Fixed an issue with saving/loading appsetting when using the fixed credentials option. No issue nr.

2017-04-21 [development]



All portal generated Iframes now have sandbox 'allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-forms allow-pointer-lock' parameters and allowfullscreen settings.

New Tiletype added: Enhanced website. A tile that opens inside a portal tab only. The address needs An iframe tag to function.
Example: <iframe src="" sandbox="allow-scripts"></iframe>
This iframe tag CANNOT contain an id attribute. Use CLASS instead.

Bugfix: Personal embedded app tiles now shows the correct address. Unnecessary html encoding changed some characters before.

2017-04-19 [development]



Changed portal tab iframe parameters. Removed allow-popup. Added AllowFullscreen.

Switched group and column buttons in portal settings.

Changed default column changed from 2 to 3.

2017-04-14 [development]



Officelivetile tabs now have their own name in the bottom tab.

Removed Groupsize in groups. Height is defined by apps inside the group. Width by the column.

Personal group now inline with the new colums. Still in the last place in the startmenu.

2017-04-12 [development]



Bugfix: added more parameters to iframe sandbox.

Launchpad extension checker. Asks to install the extension. If installed popouts are disabled.

Layout changes. Launchpad layout added to the portal.

New columns added to the portal. Appgroups are now assigned to A column. older config files with groups without column id's get set into a column with the same name. Column integration has crippled some other functions like scaling. Admins need to adjust the groups and columns to fit the screen.

2017-03-24 [development]


Added an AdvancedLogoff option to power off a user's active machines when logging off: enable "Remote Logoff" in the app settings for an AdvancedLogoff app. (requires CPB v3.6.6.9082 or later).  See issue #133

Added logging of succesful logins to CWP's Azure database. See issue #266

Summa integration. Portal now supports a new chat Widget from summa. Enable summa in portal services and add the widget ID.
The widget ID can be found by logging into your summa account and opening/creating a new widget.
The widget HTML link contains the ID:
example html link: <a class="sitephone-talk-button" id="947c13e5abeea4979721ab21bcbccd67_588"></a>
The ID: 947c13e5abeea4979721ab21bcbccd67_588.
The Userlist is generated from your azure personal contactlist. In azure an admin must enable the scope. And a user must add contacts to his personal list. See issue #176

The login page clock is now a variable in portal layout. See issue #251

The name color displayed in the top right of the startmenu is now a variable in portal layout. No issue nr.

2017-03-10 [development]


User App Directory settings now makes use of names,icons and colors selected by the user. Also removed the Information button on the tile. The buttom showed obsolete information. See issue #258

Bugfix: Added "sandbox" parameter to the iframe tag in website tiles.Prevents main window takeover. No issue nr.

Added splashscreen Enabled button to portal layout settings. No issue nr.

Second pass on adding language settings to all fixed text in the code. See issue #246

Added delete confirmation to user personal app settings. See issue #259

2017-03-03 [development]


Bugfix when typing a username on the login screen Sometimes the page would refresh after username validation and the user would have to retype the username. No issue nr.

Bugfix personal apps not using URL address of original App A code check prefented to correct URL from being set. No issue nr.

Added Icon setting to Personal Apps No issue nr.

First pass at adding multiple languages. Functional, but a lot of text in the code still needs replacing. See issue #246

2017-02-24 [development]


Corrected some additional PortalURL checks that were still case sensitive. See issue #229

Bugfix for group/tile arrangement and scaling on certain mobile devices when used in portrait mode. The previous workaround was to rotate the screen to landscape mode, then back to portrait mode. No issue nr.

Bugfix to also hide the passcode field when the option HidePasswordField is enabled and either SafeNet or RSA authentication is enabled. See issue #252

The app options PopOut, CanClose and Windowed are now also shown in AppSettings for the tiletypes Office365LiveTile and Office365WebApplication. PopOut and CanClose are now Enabled by default . No issue nr.

New functionality added to the "Manage CWP Portals" tab in Settings. PortalAdmins can now create subportals. See issue #256

Added a HostSetting option "TemplatePortal PortalURL". When a new portal is created in "Manage CWP Portals" and the TemplatePortal setting is not empty, that portal is used as a template for the new portal. See issue #245

Added a default style.css on domain settings folder level. This file is only added for newly created portals (from "Manage CWP Portals") when the domain setting's css subfolder is created (AND the TemplatePortal setting is empty). See issue #245

Fixed the option for the Date/Time Color (on the login screen) to work properly with the new (domain level) style.css. No issue nr.

Changed the option text "Visible to all AD Groups" to "Visible to all users". See issue #234

The maximum amount of results returned for "Search Office365" can now be configured (Settings > Portal Services). See issue #240

Appdirectory changes: Removed all settings dialogs from app directory. Settings appear between the app tiles. Also added horizontal and vertical settings to user apps. Added placeholders to new personal app textfields. Added personal app names to the bottom taskbar buttons. No issue nr.

2017-02-10 [development]


Changed splashscreen dropdown time to 60 sec. See issue #181

Added A login backgrond image. Can be altered in portal layout. No issue nr.

Fixed message order on login screen. The extra login message should be in the same spot on any browser. No issue nr.

App Directory update on user level. Split User Ap directory into 2 sections. My Apps; User can only set these apps to on/off. My Personalized Apps; Allows users to add Apps with their own limited settings. No issue nr.

Bugfix: added a check to see if the DomainList.xml file already exists or if it has to be created (also see Changelog bugfix to prevent the contents of the file to be erased). This has also been fixed for the AppDirectory.xml file. See issue #250

Dates for mail search results in "Search Office365" now use the same format as the Outlook365 Mail tile. No issue nr.

Added icons for the OneDrive search results in "Search Office365. No issue nr.

Added SingleSignOut for Azure/ADFS users when the option to log in is disabled AND a LoginScreenAnnouncement is enabled AND the user is not a HostAdmin. See issue #194

PortalURL in Manage CWP Domains is not case-sensitive anymore. See issue #229

2017-01-16 [development]


Tilesizes now go up to 8 times larger. See issue #235

App Directory update on user level.Users can add the same tile multiple times on his startmenu. The adress for each can be changed.
App directory setting moved to dialog pop-ups. Older saved userdata will not work on this version. no issue nr.

2016-12-16 [development]


Bugfix for the "Choose AD Groups" button in Settings (when logging in with ActiveDirectory). See issue #225

Added an option to enable a custom announcement on the login screen (and an option to disable the possibility to login to the portal). HostAdmins can always login, even when the new PortalLoginEnabled setting is set to False. See issue #194

Added an option to change the default login message on the login screen. See issue #194

Changed the text "Icon options" to "Choose image" in the Settings. See issue #223

2016-12-09 [development]


Bugfix for datetime conversion when using the navigation buttons on the "Agenda List Today" Office365LiveTile. See issue #211

Performance optimization of the data retrieval command for the "OneDrive Recent Files" Office365LiveTile. Loading this tile for users with many recent items should be much faster now. No issue nr.

Clicking on an item in the email Office365 Live Tile now opens that email in the complete Outlook365 GUI, instead of just the plain email. No issue nr.

Added icons to the "Recent OneDrive Files" Office365 Live Tile and added an option to choose which icons are used for each filetype. (Settings >> Portal Services >> Icons by File Extensions). See issue #178

Fixed an error that prevented the "Portal Services" settings page to be saved. See issue #224

On the log in page, after clicking on the background/screensaver image, the username input field is now automatically focused. See issue #226

Bugfix in the code that keeps track of when a session has timed out. See issue #227

Extended Mobile device support. No issue nr.

New materials styled loader. No issue nr.

2016-12-01 [development]


Bugfix for "Custom Portal Config Location" in the Host Settings. See issue #196

Items in the list for "Tasks" Live Tiles now redirect to the Tasks site, instead of an empty blank tab (no individual task url available). See issue #207

Personal App Group is now hidden when no apps are selected, User AppDirectory is now hidden when no Apps are available. See issue #213

In Office Live Tiles with a navigation topbar (InboxList, InboxList with Counter, AgendaList Today), the navigation topbar will now remain visible when scrolling. See issue #212

Moved the setting "OfficeLivetileEntryLimit" from the PortalServices tab (in Settings) to the settings per app (only for OfficeLiveTile apps). See issue #212

The date/time shown in the Mail Office LiveTile list is now based on the way it is done in Office365 Outlook. See issue #212

An option "Span Desktop over Monitors" has been added to the "Personal Settings" (in "User Settings"). See issue #215

In the AppDirectory in User Settings, the options to specify tile-color and icon-color are not shown anymore for tiles with "uploaded image" icons. See issue #214

In the AppDirectory in User Settings, the "extra settings" dialog was closed/hidden after a specific amount of time if the pointer was not hovering over the dialog: this has now been replaced with a Cancel button. See issue #214

2016-11-25 [development]


The agenda today list and email live tiles now have forward/backward buttons. These buttons change the date for agenda tiles. For email, it gets the next batch of emails. See issue #203

The number of items displayed in livetile can now be set in portal settings. Default is 20 items. See issue #203

bugfix. Choosing a wallpaper image as an admin would set the powered by textfield. See issue #200

New version of App Directory. Apps are now split into groups. Also added A domain level app directory. This xml is saved in programdata\clevir\cwp*domain url*\settings\appdirectory.xml
Domain admins can view host level app directory apps. And edit the domain level App directory. See issue #200

Bugfix: when an office365 search was cancelled, the results were still shown. See issue #204

An option to add AD groups from a list (retrieved from AD or Azure AD) has been added to the "AD Groups" text fields in the Settings. See issue #187

2016-11-08 [development]


Personal wallpaper settings now saved in personal data instead of a cookie. Also an admin has to enable personal user settings in portal services. See issue #200

2016-11-04 [development]


office live tiles loading animation added. Also made every item a seperate clikable. The title at the bottom still refers to the tile adress. See issue #203

Powered by image move to the left of the screen. See issue #202

Wallpaper options added to the portal layout. Admins can set or upload a new image. Users can also set their own walpaper in personal settings. They set a URL link to the image or pick one from a set provided by the portal admins. See issue #200

2016-11-01 [development]


Azure AD groups can now also be specified by their names (instead of only by their id's). No issue nr.

2016-10-28 [development]


Added profile picture in the top right. If the image is available in See issue #201

Added Embedded tile. This tile adds any embedded content from other sites into a tile. For example an embbedded youtube video. No issue nr.

Bugfix: if an Azure or ADFS user was only member of exactly 1 AD group, the group would not be properly read from the token. No issue nr.

Added single sign out: when Azure/ADFS users log out from the portal, they will now also be logged out from Azure/ADFS. No issue nr.

Bugfix: typing the wrong username on the CWP login page, then correcting the username on the Azure/ADFS login page, would result in a username mismatch (CWP cookie vs Azure/ADFS token) that prevented the CWP start menu from loading correctly (blank page with "500 Internal Server Error" notification). This has now been fixed (it is not required anymore to go back to the CWP login page to retype the correct username). No issue nr.

2016-10-21 [development]


A new livetile containing your e-mails in a list and a badge showing the number of unread e-mails. See issue #177

Empty office livetile now have a message when no entries are found. See issue #180

Added more group sizes in settings. Groups can be up to size 8. No issue nr.

Agenta live tiles now uses local client time when filtering for todays events. No issue nr.

Added a "powered by" image to the bottom right of the startmenu. The layout setting is empty by default. Max height: 100 pixels. No issue nr.

Added ipad/iphone test. hiding scrollbars in office livetiles is skipped for these devices. No issue nr.

added a setting AllowTabOutEnabled to the Portal Settings. (to be replaced/modified later with determining if the user is using a browser or the ClevirApp). No issue nr.

2016-10-14 [development]


Special characters are now shown properly in the top right displayname. Encryption used ASCII. See issue #193

First pass removing hardcoded css. See issue #183

RSS feed tile has a default wide tile. Only a vertical double in settings makes the tile bigger. No issue nr.

Local user logins give livetile errors. Errors were caused by usernames without a UPN format. "@" check added. No issue nr.

Added a new menu bar button for searching Office365 (Mail and OneDrive) (Azure users only). The SearchOffice365 button can be enabled in Portal Settings, the button's colors can be modified in Portal Layout. See issue #171

Bugfix to prevent a situation in which the contents of DomainList.xml or AppDirectory.xml could be erased. No issue nr.

Added a new option to the Host Settings: show/hide the 'Manage CWP Portals' tab for Portal Admins. No issue nr.

Reduced the amount of data requested/returned for the mail queries from Microsoft Graph. (relevant for performance in case of emails with big attachments). No issue nr.

2016-09-30 [development]


First pass allowing users to set tiles in their personal group. App allowance set by admin in app directory. See issue #164

RSS feed bugfix. feeds containing <p> tags shown incorrectly. No issue nr.

The delay between tile clicks can now be set in portal settings (in seconds). No issue nr.

Bugfix to prevent a user from sending multiple login requests at the same time. In some uncommon situations, some users had to login twice because of this. No issue nr.

Bugfix for some ActiveDirectory queries. No issue nr.

Bugfix in the processing of certain responses from the DRPA (causing a user to take over more than 1 desktop). No issue nr.

2016-09-20 [development]


Added some adjustments to the layout of the AppDirectory tab (tile view). No issue nr.

Bugfix: some users were getting an error notification immediately after logging in and could not see/start items from CWP's startmenu. No issue nr.

Reduced margin for better centering of titles inside tiles. #169

Icons added to groups. Can be left empty for no icon. #167

2016-09-08 [development]


"Inbox Mail List" livetile has been added. All list based livetiles no longer have tile size restrictions. See issue #165

Automatic scaling during resizing has been added. See issue #166

Added a functionality to automatically sync the subfolders "css","favicons","icons" and "logos" between "C:\ProgramData\Clevir\CWP\<domainname>\" and "CWPexecutableFolder\HTML\custom\<domainname>\" when CWP starts up. When a new file is uploaded to one of these subfolders, it is also automatically synced to the ProgramData config subfolder for its domain. See issue #52

Versionnumber now shows the full version number (in the Settings tab and on the executable's title bar). See issue #168

"Onedrive recent files" livetile list has been added. Clicking on the filename inside the tile will show you that file in preview mode or download it depending on the filetype. (Icons are not yet present in this version). See issue #170

Added a setting "ActiveDirectorySslEnabled" to specify whether or not the communication between CWP and ActiveDirectory should use SSL (in "Portal Settings" for the Pre-Windows2000Domain, in "Manage CWP Portals" for each UPN row). See issue #172

Bugfix: logging in (without "@domainname") using the "Pre-Windows2000Domain" setting (Portal Settings) is now possible again. See issue #173

2016-09-01 [development]


Added AppDirectory to the portal settings. Hostadmins can edit apps. Domain admins can pick these apps and add them to any group in their domain. #164

New tilesizes defined: half up to quadro size horizontal and normal up to quadro size vertical. Also added tile width for groups. #161

The tile startmenus should now scale according the the vertical screenwidth. scaling happens between 1 and 0.5 sizing. Horizontal sizing is still handled with scrollbar. No issue nr.

Added "Advanced Logoff Options Enabled" to the "Portal Services": activating this will enable an additional tab in the Settings menu, which can be used to configure the "Advanced Logoff" options. See issue #133

Clicking on default apps in the Menu Bar ("Settings" or "User Settings") when already opened, but in the background, did not show the app (it had to be selected from the taskbar): This has now been fixed. No issue nr.

Improved some authorization checks. No issue nr.

2016-08-22 [development]


added setting "Allow local users to sign-in". (Portal Settings). See issue #142

menu bar tiles can now also show uploaded images. See issue #162

added an App Setting "Show Custom Image Border when used on Menu Bar Tile" to keep consistent with the rest of the menu bar tiles. See issue #162

moved setting "Hide Password Field on Login Screen" from "Portal Services" to "Portal Settings".

fix; when uploaded image is used on a tile and the option to fit the image to the tile size is enabled and the background-color for the tile is empty: the background-color and tile border are hidden for that tile. This is useful when partially transparent images are used. See issue #158

fixed an error that prevented local users from signing in, even when the "Allow local users to sign in" setting was enabled. See issue #142

fixed an error with displaying the columns/icons in the logo/favicon selection dialogs. (in Portal Layout). See issue #148 and #158

2016-08-11 [development]


bugfix for "Office365 Live Tile" for type "Agenda List Today"; repeated events are now also shown on the agenda tile. See issue #144

added setting for spacing between group names and tiles. (Portal Layout Settings). See issue #146

added setting for spacing between tiles (right margin and bottom margin). (Portal Layout Settings). See issue #147

added setting to upload/select the portal's favicon. (Portal Layout Settings). See issue #