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Partner Enablement
For growing companies that have pursued a high level customer succes strategy, there comes a point in time when they have to look at how to align their proposition and their customer needs.

Speaking to many customers who are facing this challenge, there’s no silver bullet that magically brings the two together, and surprisingly some didn’t actually think it was necessary to align the two closely at all.

After all the two functions are run as separate initiatives. Separate teams, separate accountabilities and their own unique problems. However, as we work closely with many sales enablement and partner enablement teams, We have found that there are some good opportunities for businesses to leverage synergies.

Upsell & Cross Sell
We offer new and unique managed services and cross- & upsell to push new applications to your customers

Higher Utilization
Improve utilization of the datacenter ans profits. Clevir enableshigher density, higher performance and more resilient workplaces

Minimize Disruption
Virtualisation of client server applications to become cloud applications without having to alter the user experience

Fast Deployment
Quickly & casily deploy a complete set of business applications to any organisation

Lower Costs
Clevir Offers a migration path away from Citrix and VMWare to drastically lower your current licensing, hardware and implementation costs.

Investment Protection
Full integration with Microsoft technology. Other back-ends are also supported
Partner Activation
Clevir Partner Program - content
Dedicated developer web site & Clevir platform

Easy onboarding, developer accounts & dashboard
Dev.Kits, gateways & store
Documentations, FAQ  & Developer Forum
API’, Application connectors
Online self testing tool & integration support
Clevir Connected Program

Debugging/ Integration support
Interoperability Testing Service
Community Activation

Partner products exposure
Developer events
Marketing tools
Clevir helps its partners become "Trusted Advisors" in order to retain customers and increase market share.

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The Power of Our Ecosystem

Get to Market Faster
White label portal lets service providers provide hybrid cloud services with a short go-to-market.

Stand Out from the Crowd
Cloudified applications combined with cloud services in one user interface provides market differentiation.

Deliver a Better Experience
Seamless transition to the cloud provides a high level of customer satisfaction and upsell opportunities

Balance the Books
Pay as you go / pay as you consume reduces the cost of delivery and matches revenue collection.

Rely on Expert Support
Take advantage of our migration support as you cloudify and migrate your customers’ applications remotely.

Win the Customer
Control the relationship you have with your customer - one of your most valuable business assets.
Clevir helps its partners become "Trusted Advisors" in order to retain customers and increase market share.

Read the OnWindows Article (PDF) ›
Partner Automation
Clevir's state-of-the-art integration technology makes it easy to integrate into your existing system. The platform is linked to various vendors.
The REST API is the base to integrate with existing back-end systems. In this way, a fully automated order, deployment and billing platform is created simply.
We provide API documentation, training and custom integration development.

The Clevir Commerce Services Platform goes way beyond commerce. Developed especially for the IT  market, the platform addresses the specific needs of CSPs, (M)VNOs and Distributors. The platform is unique, because it focuses on supporting the sale of services and subscriptions. Of course, it also supports the sale of goods, which inevitably accompany those subscriptions.

The platform allows our channel partners to manage the entire lifecycle of services and offer support. It enables you to boost indirect sales. And most importantly, it provides a system to bundle and launch solutions including the services and goods that customers demand. With Clevir, our indirect channel partners become market leaders.
Partner Relationship Management

Add and manage channel partners through a centralized partner relationship management system. Configure tiers, set up branding, measure performance and accelerate onboarding of new channel partners.

Manage content
Measure performance
Share administration tasks
Offer rebates & incentives
Product Catalog Management

Consolidate product, content and pricing information.

Create new products
Consolidate product data
Classify and categorize products
Enable pricing configuration
Configure, Price and Quote

Simplify challenging sales processes by automating configuration, pricing and quoting of complex (bundled) products that include both services and goods.

Enable integrated CRM capabilities
Activate guided selling
Simplify product and pricing rules
Iterate bundles, add-ons, editions
Order Management

Make order processing across all channels quick and easy, include complex arrangements such as bulk ordering, order replenishment and multi-channel

Automate approval workflows
Offer a view on goods and service availability
Fulfill orders in a flash
Customer Management

Monetize and nurture your customer relationships.

Manage the subscription lifecycle
Improve the asset lifecycle
Get assisted support
Utilize comprehensive self-service

Recurring, by usage, prorated, or in-arrears - it’s all automated.

Empower efffective billing
Enable prorations
Enact co-terminations
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