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As a Service

No virtualization platform available?
No problem, ClouddesQ provides virtualization as a service.

You achieved significant savings through our on-demand spin-off VDI platform. ClouddesQ can virtualize 99% of legacy applications for you. Using the HTML 5 gateway linked to the Clevir Workspace or Launchpad 365, these legacy applications will be available as a published application in your browser.

If you have your own platform, ClouddesQ can help you to offer legacy applications from your own platform.

Your end customer has many legacy applications and you need help during migration? Clouddesq supports you to migrate complex environments. ClouddesQ supports you through project management but can also provide consultancy.

Inventory of the application landscape
Draft migration plan
Accompany migration
Hands-on support

Your platform and customers need maintenance and support. Sometimes it is necessary to consult with specialists. This can be done on a monthly basis by a consultant or on an ad hoc basis. In this way you can guarantee the occupation of your support department at the lowest cost.

ClouddesQ helps you to ensure continuity. You and your end customer always have an up-to-date platform.

Hands-on support
Hourly or on  monthly basis
Your support guaranteed
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