How CLEVIR365 works

    " CLEVIR365 is an integrated add-on for Office 365 with the goal to provide the end-user with an intelligent work space that integrates and unlock all forms of functionality. The management of CLEVIR365 consists of an intuitive Plug & Play interface."
Bring information to your employee, intuitively and simply. Your employees are continuously transfused with data. CLEVIR365 helps you turn these data into information for your people and makes them available at a glance.
In CLEVIR365, your employee has various live-tiles that can be displayed immediately. Your employee does not have to click to view email. The unread email is displayed directly in CLEVIR365. CLEVIR365 offers these live tiles for virtually all Microsoft Office applications.
Your employee uses internet functionality. This so-called SaaS functionality unlocks not only Single-Sign-On, we show not only the most important information, we make it interactive!
CLEVIR365 offers the ability to integrate this functionality embedded into the Workspace.
Your employees increasingly choose the device they want to work with. Of course, you want to run as little management on a variety of devices. CLEVIR365 ensures that the Workspace is fully offered independently by the latest HTML 5 technology.
With the Clevir Workspace, legacy applications or a full desktop can be published in HMTL5. Does the user prefer to work in an RDP desktop? No problem within the Workspace, employees can also choose this, even at the same time as the HTML5 option!

CLEVIR365 automation

Clevir's state-of-the-art integration technology makes it easy to integrate into your existing system. The platform is linked to various vendors.
The REST API is the base to integrate with existing back-end systems. In this way, a fully automated order, deployment and billing platform is created simply.

We provide API documentation, training and custom integration development.

CLEVIR365 screenshot's

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